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On this page we present everything you need to know about loans for weddings. The purpose is to create knowledge of loans for weddings and give an overview of the different loan options. We explain, among other things, how you can most easily finance your wedding and what costs are generally keeping a wedding.



A wedding is a very special day that many people choose to celebrate with the great party followed by a romantic honeymoon. So, if you stand before you to marry the love of your life, you’ve come to the right place. We guide you here for how to find the best loan for wedding.


If you can already see that the money you have or possibly have set aside for your upcoming wedding is not going to cover all the wedding expenses, consider applying for a loan for your wedding. Of course, you only have to borrow money if you know that your current economy can bear the loan.

If you choose to apply for a loan for your wedding, start off with a wedding budget. You need to keep track of all the cost of the wedding. Here it is important that you remember to bring it all along and at the same time make room for unforeseen expenses. Most people who have already held weddings know that there are always little extra expenses along the way.

But by making a budget you get an overview of how much you have to borrow to be able to keep your dream wedding.



If you have already started planning your dream wedding, you have probably discovered that there are many expenses associated with a wedding. It is important that you get an overview of the expenses associated with a wedding. In this way, you know how much money you need to save and possibly how much money you have to borrow to finance your wedding.

Here we have collected a number of expenses that are often associated with a wedding:

  • Wedding dress

  • Bridal Shoes

  • Clothes and shoes for the palate

  • Setting up hair at the hairdresser

  • bridesmaid Dresses

  • Bridal Bouquet

  • flowers

  • Decorations and table decorations

  • Photographer

  • wedding cake

  • Food and dining

  • Rental of room

  • beverages

  • Invitations

  • Music / Band / Entertainment

  • Transportation



It is, of course, very different what a wedding costs, as it is ultimately about ambition level and number of guests. But remember that a dream wedding is individually from couple to couple. For some, a dream wedding can easily be made cheap.

But if you would like to hold a wedding at a great fine castle for 150 guests with gourmet food, live band, expensive wedding dress etc., it will quickly run up to DKK 200,000 or more.

Conversely, you can also choose to keep your wedding at home in the garden, where you yourself cook and for fewer guests and maybe buy a used wedding dress. Then the price is quite another.

Therefore, it is of course up to you as a wedding couple, what your wedding should cost and how much you want to make out of it. However, whatever the wedding you choose, the expenses can go up. There are a number of things that you will need to buy in connection with your wedding. Therefore, it may be relevant for someone to borrow their wedding money.

Although the price of a wedding is ultimately very individual, it may still be relevant to know what an average wedding in Denmark costs. After all, it gives an idea of ​​what to expect to use. And again, you can assess whether it is necessary to borrow money for your upcoming wedding.

According to the popular blog, an average wedding in Denmark costs approx. 52,600 DKK For many people it is a great expense to have to withdraw from the daily budget. However, it is difficult to predict what your wedding will cost. As mentioned earlier, it depends on what you prioritize. And if you can’t afford it all, you are willing to cut down or you can borrow money for your wedding to get it all.


If the private economy does not allow it to be completely screwed up, you can fortunately also go for a budget dream wedding. Of course, not everyone dreams of the big and expensive wedding. Instead, some prefer a smaller wedding, where the spending level is kept down.

If you and your life’s spouse are having trouble affording all the wedding expenses, consider whether there might be some items where you can save money. Which items to save on is again very individual and depends on what you as the bridal couple prioritize most in relation to your wedding.

You should get together and consider what is important for you to keep your dream wedding. Is it the wedding dress and the food that is important, or the party room, the wedding cake, the photographer and the live band. Only you know. But if you can’t afford the whole thing, you have to prioritize what is most important to you.

It is of course also relevant to look at the level of expenditure for the individual items. You may be able to release some money on the more heavy expense items by being creative. Instead of buying a new wedding dress, you could consider one used. The cost of food and drink can also be cut a lot. For example, you can make the food yourself instead of ordering it out. The same goes for drinks. Here you can start to keep an eye on good offers and buy in regularly.


If you want to save the photographer, you can ask the guests to take pictures and then send them to you. And instead of spending money on, for example, a limousine that has to drive you from the church, you could ask among friends and family whether one of them could drive you.

It may also be that your parents can help cover some of the expenses instead of a wedding gift.

Although you choose to hold a wedding on a budget, you may still need a loan for your wedding. If so, it is important to investigate the market so that you do not end up with too expensive a loan.

If you have chosen to take out a loan for your wedding, you may consider wishing you a wedding gift. The money you get, you can then choose to spend on the loan.


If you have decided to apply for a loan to cover some of the wedding expenses, find out where to find the best and cheapest wedding loan. Here it is important, as you said, that you investigate different lenders. There are really many different options for finding a loan for a wedding.

You also need to find out if you want a loan for a wedding at the bank, or if you want to apply for a loan through one of the many online banks.


Most people start by going down into their own bank to hear if they can borrow money for their upcoming wedding. Although you may have a good relationship with your bank adviser, it is important to keep in mind that you do not necessarily get the best wedding loan at your current bank.

Therefore, always make sure to obtain loan offers from several different banks if you want to increase the chances of finding the cheapest loan for a wedding.

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