Reasons To Buy In Second Hand

Among other things, the consumer society in which we live today brought us to cancel the dress code at our headquarters. Hand to Heart – You’ve probably already bought a piece of clothing that you didn’t need at all, and it still takes up space in the closet and a non-stick price tag. Let’s not be materialists and just buy what we really consume. Less is more. Give a chisel and a unique piece. You never know what treasure you will find

Shopping for worn pieces is greener than buying new pieces

Shopping for worn pieces is greener than buying new pieces

You already know that, but many of us will give priority to fast fashion shops when we need a new piece. Yes, they are almost in every business house and so shopping is very convenient. Shopping in chisels requires a little more time – until you find one that is closest to you, or one whose offer is best suited to your style. In addition, in a chisel you have a fairly high chance to find a piece of truly high-quality natural material that you will find in vain in the fashion stores. Not only do you protect your skin from chemicals that are cheap, but also do something beneficial to the planet.

Think ahead

In the long run, shopping is not only friendly to the planet, but also to the wallet. When you find a quality piece of clothing, you can be sure that it will last for years. Quality material can also withstand multiple washing, which is not a matter of cheap materials. You know it!

Even a piece of chisel can be fashionable!

Even a piece of chisel can be fashionable!

Forget the dirty, smelly or unclean rags you may have seen in second hand a few years ago. Even chisels are progressing and today you will find real treasures, whether quality materials, unconventional retro cuts or luxury brands. Fashion in today’s chisels is timeless and trendy, you just have to be able to “hunt”. All you need is the idea of โ€‹โ€‹what you’re looking for, time and a bit of luck ๐Ÿ™‚

Move your style to another level!

Move your style to another level!

Yes, your style and fashion tastes are changing and becoming more personal and original, for you are not blindly watching what dictate fast fashion companies. On the contrary, you are entering the creative process yourself and choosing what you really like and capturing your unique personality.

Chisel pieces are unique

Finding a perfect coat or perfect jeans in a chisel can cost you more energy and time, and if you realize it, you’ll probably be more rational and gentle about these things later. They are real treasures.


Yes, it’s like that. Chopped pieces will cost you about half the price you would buy in a shopping mall. For various events, you can even take a sellout in a chisel and buy nice pieces for 3 euros. However, remember that less is more, so buy only what you wear at least 60 times.

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