Why Choose FL Finance For His Credit Insurance?

The subscription or the renegotiation of a mortgage implies necessarily the adhesion to a loan insurance.

A home loan is usually accompanied by a subscription to a loan insurance. Insurance market specialist, FL Finance can help you choose yours as part of your mortgage.


FL Finance, Real Estate Mortgage Insurer

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It is quite rare not to take out a mortgage insurance when you engage in a real estate purchase. Borrower insurance is mandatory to protect your home loan in case of inability to repay. Consumers have the opportunity to choose their credit insurance contract, so it is wise for you to seek our expertise. FL Finance is an industry expert, we work with different insurance companies.

FL Finance knows the contracts offered by all companies and follows their news. We are in the possibility of finding for you the combination in line with your customer profile and your specific risks. FL Finance saves you time by comparing the credit insurance contracts for you .


Save money on your loan insurance with FL Finance

Save money on your loan insurance with FL Finance

FL Finance’s proposals are tailored and personalized, insurance can be refined on a case-by-case basis and you can save up to 60% on the cost of your credit insurance . The applied rates are often lower than the rates obtained by the customer who subscribes to an insurance conventionally. The loan insurance covers according to the contracts: the death, the total and irreversible loss of autonomy, total and partial permanent disability, and unemployment.


Our insurance partner: INI Credit

Our insurance partner: INI Credit

INI Credit is a broker specializing in the search for the best insurance solutions for its Private Clients, Professionals and Companies. Subsidiary of mortgage broker FL Finance, we have developed for our clients and partners a unique know-how in credit insurance allowing, by the alliance of our forces, to guarantee the lowest rates of the market.

More broadly, we aim to support our clients in the search and choice of the best insurances of the home: home insurance (MRH), Damage-Work, Auto, Home Insurance. Finally, we have optimization and heritage support solutions. INI Credit is also active in group insurance and health insurance, as well as in property and casualty insurance such as Professional Liability Insurance or car and commercial vehicle insurance for companies of all sizes.

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